What I do:

If you’re wondering if university, college, trade school or even a gap year is right for you?  You have to make some big decisions and you don’t know where to start? I’m here to help.

I am committed to realizing the academic and well-rounded potential that can be achieved through mindful personalized planning:

  • I will share best-in-class advice and instruction detailing the admissions processes at the most promising universities and colleges in Canada, the U.S and internationally based on your individual needs, objectives and goals
  • Together we will discuss whether a particular assessment is right for you and develop a specialized plan to ensure applications are selective, relevant, timely, and relate your story in the best way to the admissions professionals to encourage follow-up
  • Are you thinking about the right courses to take in high school, preparing your essays to tell a compelling story about who you are and who you would like to become? Let’s analyse your options and align your abilities, achievements and goals to compelling programs and schools

We can even schedule campus visits to optimize tours at select institutions to get on the admissions radar and explore a financial plan that works best for you, your family and your budget.