Comprehensive Post-Secondary Education Selection Program

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We can then decide a plan that best suits your needs, budget and timeline. For example:

Phase I:

  • Initial consultation (45-60 minute session)
  • Outline program options and determine student/family needs, goals and commitment
  • Assess academic, extracurricular and leadership performance (2 to 3 sessions)
  • Drafting of personal resume for the college selection process (1 session)
  • Completion of the personal resume during a student/parent session (1 session)

Phase II

Present and explore the initial research list in order to:

  • Derive an optimum target list of schools based on program quality, availability, admissions rates, budget goals and personal fit
  • Compare tuition and add-on fees, scholarships, bursaries and student loan requirements
  • Clarify prerequisite courses and optimize grade range requirements
  • Set a schedule to complete applications, essays and get the best references before deadlines
  • Identify opportunities for experience-based learning & research
  • Explore co-op, internship and career placement success
  • Schedule itineraries for visits to college/university campuses

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