What’s a Millennial to Do? Tips for Navigating the Post-Secondary Industry

https://forum.academica.ca/forum/whats-a-millennial-to-do-tips-for-navigating-the-post-secondary-industry?utm_source    John Partington, Transfer Options Coordinator, SAIT Much has been written about the plight of the millennial workforce. The majority of the literature oscillates between a doom-and-gloom rhetoric, where there is no hope for young workers, and the suggestion that there might be opportunity in the adversity they face. These paradoxical messages seem to… Read More

Highest & lowest-paying degrees

CTV News reports that new university graduates worried about high levels of student debt and bleak job prospects in a stagnant Canadian economy should be pleased to learn that bachelor’s degrees remain a valuable asset in the workforce, according to a new study. The Research Universities’ Council of British Columbia’s annual “Putting Degrees to Work… Read More